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Our passions, goals and why we are here

KickStart Allied Health was created to promote a proactive approach to health, and well being. Too often we wait until pain or an injury becomes a burden to do something about it, and usually then it ends up becoming a very time consuming and costly process. Time and time again injuries take months or years to rehabilitate, injuries which could have been prevented. This has a massive impact on a persons' physical and emotional well being. 


Our passion is to empower people to become the best version of themselves that they can be. To inspire people to take control of their lives and their health. To educate people about their bodies and what they are capable of. To remove self doubt and to open doors and create opportunities. To allow people to welcome joy into their life. 

Our goal is to facilitate growth and repair of mind and body, by using interventions that are tailor made to the individuals goals and needs. Following a comprehensive face to face assessment, together we create a treatment plan that targets your needs. Using concepts of both muscular and neural plasticity, our programs are unique and designed to optimize your physical capabilities using cutting edge techniques from the latest research.  

Ready to live your best life?

Meet your Physio

Jackie Bollen - Career

Jackie has worked as a physiotherapist in a range of settings - hospital, aged care and private practice. She has treated children, elderly, athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between.

She has undertaken courses in advanced pilates, dry needling, advanced shoulder management and concussion management which have given her invaluable skills.

​Currently she is studying functional medicine, which is medicine that targets the cause of disease/dysfunction/pathology rather than masking symptoms with harmful drug based interventions. She looks forward to incorporating this knowledge into her future practice!


Meet your Physio

Jackie Bollen - Life

She believes in the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body in order to live a quality life filled with vitality, joy, positive energy and love.

She loves to be proactive in life, doing things that include exercise, meditation, playing clarinet and saxophone, learning new things and spending time with friends and family. She is very health conscious, loves a good farmers market and sourcing local organic vegetables and grass fed/pasture meats.

She love outdoors and adventure. Lately she’s been enjoying rock climbing, hiking and paragliding! She is also a very proud mother, and knows the importance of a balanced life between work, fun and family.

Meet your Physio

Zoe Porch - Career

Zoe has recently graduated from Charles Sturt University in Albury with her Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She is an Albury/Wodonga local and passionate about health and wellness in regional Australia.

Prior to studying Physiotherapy Zoe gained valuable life experience travelling internationally and working in administration roles at an accounting firm. Her decision to pursue a career in Physiotherapy was inspired by a valued mentor who encouraged her to chase her dreams.

Zoe’s University placement experience involved many regional areas including Broken Hill, Dubbo and regional Victoria, as well as a paediatric placement in Vietnam.

She is currently finishing her APPI Pilates qualification, and is excited to further her knowledge in many areas of interest.


Meet your Physio

Zoe Porch - Life

Zoe has a passion for people and loves to help others improve their health, fitness and well-being. Outside of Physio she enjoys regular fitness pursuits including Pole dancing, Aerials, Crossfit & Yoga. Alongside fitness she is keen on healthy food and wholesome nutrition. She also owns and runs PhysiPole Studios in Albury and has a passion for empowering people of all walks of life. Her favourite part is helping people find their confidence and letting their creative side run free.

Zoe loves the outdoors and many of the activities available in the Albury Wodonga region, including bushwalking, swimming and wake surfing in summer, fun-runs and obstacle courses. She loves supporting locals small business, and can’t go past a good market, fun socks and a delicious coffee. 

Meet your Office Manager

Tiffany Stretton - Career

Tiffany has worked for over ten years in administrative positions over a range of industries such as education, aged and disability care and construction and has a passion for delivering efficient
and friendly customer service. She has undertaken studies in business, cultural diversity and inclusion which have helped to round out her skill set. She is looking forward to entering the next stage of her career with KickStart Allied Health and is excited about the opportunity for further learning in a new environment.

Meet your Office Manager

Tiffany Stretton - Life

Tiffany is a passionate gardener and believes that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to be able to share the abundance of your garden with those you love. She believes in nurturing the body and soul with fresh, wholesome food and plenty of exercise. She is currently studying to become a yoga teacher and loves leading an active life. She is happiest when in the garden or
surrounded by her family and friends.

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