Residential Aged Care

What do we do?

Physiotherapy is such an important part of the team in every residential aged care facility. To ensure all residents are receiving the care that they need it is so important to have a physio onsite regularly.

  • We conduct assessments and make recommendations following falls or any changes in a residents physical status,

  • We regularly review and update care plans as required,

  • We ensure that all residents are using the correct gait aid, and being supervised or assisted appropriately and safely during transfers and ambulation,

  • We run gentle exercise groups,

  • We can conduct individual assessments and treatments as required,

  • We can intervene using manual (hands on) therapies, exercise therapies, slings, compression, tape etc. as required,

  • We conduct annual comprehensive physiotherapy assessments,

  • and we conduct new and updated ACFI assessments. 

Leave Fill

Casual leave cover

KickStart Allied Health offer physiotherapists to work in residential aged care in a casual/contractual capacity. We offer leave fill and short term services for residential facilities. Our rate is $120 per hour for residential leave fill.

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